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Greenvale is located in a prime area 25 km north of Melbourne, more than 20 minutes by car. In addition to the highway-connected highway to the city centre, there is an 8-minute drive to the ROXBURGH PARK train station (large station), which is about 6 km away, and a direct 40-minute drive to the city centre FLINDER train station. 11 km from Melbourne International Airport, it is very convenient for frequent travellers. With a variety of amenities and a host of recreational facilities, schools, sports fields, shopping malls, Greenvale has everything you need.

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44 Houses


Greenvale green grass and lake surround the town and the environment is beautiful. The municipal facilities are complete, shopping, entertainment, education and leisure meet the needs of different classes. There are large farms around, offering fresh vegetables and fruits. At present, the government is vigorously developing the real estate industry. Various projects are under construction and the potential for appreciation is full. It is currently possible to buy the land closest to the urban area.

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