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Designed to respond to the nuances of everyday living, Hue anticipates how you live. Resounding in simple pleasure’s like abounding natural light, tactilely rich materials and neutral palettes, each space loans itself to you adding your personal touch. Crafted clean, simple and promoting easy living, the attention to detail throughout Hue is flawless. Fixtures and fittings have been selected to exude timeless elegance, but with right amount of chic to make a statement. Hue understands that it’s often the small details that make all the difference. Soft but powerful shapes, textures and  tones are layered to create spaces that demand attention.

Number of Lots

72 Apartments & 3 Shops

Project Value

$47 Millions


Distinguishing Hue’s aesthetic is that while a contemporary approach has been employed-layering facades and stacking irregular angles-there maintains an orientation toward balancing these elements with the delicate and natural fabric of the surrounding suburb. Epitomising Hue’s unique position as the ultimate modern sanctuary, from the expansive Penthouse handsome views capture city vistas, making apparent everything that now lies at your doorstep. Serene courtyards and spacious terraces make idyllic backdrops to cleverly designed living areas, giving both a sense of infinite space as well as sanctuary.